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NSMQ star’s father speaks on the passing of his son

James Lutterodt’s father has spoken out about the heartbreaking loss of his son, a finalist for the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) who just passed away.

Philp Lutterodt said that the loss of James has hurt the family, especially him as a father, in an interview with Citi TV in Accra.

The bereaved father disclosed that when James came home from vacation in April, he started having health problems.

“Being a father hasn’t been simple. In April, when they were on vacation, he returned from school and that’s when I realized something wasn’t right with him. I then started taking care of his health. We’ve visited hospitals and conducted numerous tests in an effort to keep him alive up until last night, when he passed away,” he revealed with sadness.

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The family finds comfort in their faith and their belief in the Supreme Being, the father emphasized, throughout this trying moment.

He thanked God for everything and acknowledged that, despite how difficult the loss is, he trusts that God is in charge.

“It’s not simple, but the Bible teaches that we should give thanks to God, so I am appreciative of the Lord. I am thankful for everything and am confident that he is in charge.

“There was nothing beyond my control as a father, but as I said earlier, the moment I realized there was a problem, I didn’t waste much time, I started taking care of his health, and he himself gave out some information pertaining to what was going on in school and some of the things may be reserved for now,” he continued.

One of the Keta Senior High School (KETASCO) competitors for the 2021 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ), James Lutterodt, passed away from what was thought to be food sickness. broke the tragic news of James Lutterodt’s demise.

James, a 19-year-old student with talent and drive, was a member of the outstanding KETASCO 2021 team that advanced to the National Science and Math Quiz (NSMQ) finals.

He allegedly died of food poisoning, according to individuals close to the dead, though the family has not yet provided any information.

The deceased was scheduled to depart after being accepted to Howard University in the United States, the source further stated.

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