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NSMQ2022: 27 schools seeded for 2023

The one-eighth stage of the 2022 National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) has ended.

Based on the outcome of the numerous contests, twenty-seven schools have secured automatic qualification for the 2023 edition.

These schools will skip the preliminary stage and join qualifying schools at the one-eighth stage of the 2023 contest.

Dubbed ‘seeded schools’, Keta SHS, Tamale SHS, Ghana National College defending champions Prempeh College, Presec Legon, Opoku Ware School, St Augustine’s College and a few others retained their spot in the top 27.

Meanwhile, some schools are new to this category having secured their positions in the top 27 after beating some of the previously seeded schools.

In a historic move, Mawuli School unseeded Wesley Girls High School.

Abetifi Presby, which has impressed with their performance right from the prelims, is in the top 27, thus securing a slot at the next contest. They unseeded Sonrise Christian High School.

Ghanata SHS is also one of the new schools in the top 27. They kicked out St. Louis SHS, who were seeded, to advance to the quarter-finals.

Aburi Presby, who has steadily been impressing NSMQ viewers, is also in the top 27. They unseeded Anglican SHS.

Meanwhile, after two years of having to battle for a spot in the NSMQ from the regional qualifiers, Mfantipim School is once again a seeded school.

Check out the seeded schools from the 2022 NSMQ.

NSMQ2022: 27 schools seeded for 2023


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