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Okuapehene fines sub-chiefs 30 sheep, GH¢100,000 for destooling Mankrado without his consent

The Mankrado of Obosomase Nana Donkor Manianor II was unlawfully destooled without the Okuapehene’s knowledge or agreement, and as a result, certain council members were fined GH100,000, 30 sheep, and 5 boxes of schnapps by the Okuapeman Traditional Council, which is led by the Okuapehene Oseadeyo Kwasi Akuffo II.

The group, which included Abusua Panin Kwaku Asare of Obosomase and 10 other people, allegedly stripped the Mankrado of his chieftaincy rank through the slaughter of animals and the offering of libations while falsely stating that the Okuapehene had ordered the destoolment, according to Ofie TV reporter Nana Ayeh.

The Okuapehene gave Abusuapanin Kwaku Asare permission to remove the Mankrado, the reporter claimed. “So they performed their rituals and poured libation to that effect and stripped off the man from his chieftaincy status,” the reporter added.

The Okuapehene subsequently called the aforementioned people to his palace for questioning, where Abusuapanin Kwaku Asare and his collaborators confessed to their wrongdoing, according to Nana Ayeh’s further explanation.

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He claims that the Abusua Panin acknowledged that the destoolment was carried out without the chief’s knowledge and took ownership of his mistakes.

“So, the Abusuapanin and his accomplices were the ones who came to the Chief to plead for forgiveness; in the end, he consented to do so, but only if they brought 30 sheep, GH100,000, and 10 boxes of schnapps. As a result, they had to go find witnesses to testify in their favor. In the end, they settled on GH50,000, 20 sheep, and the five boxes of schnapps.

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