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Over 400 pupils forced to study in death-trap conditions in Atimatim-Maase


The fate of over 400 pupils at the Atimatim-Maase R/C Primary and Junior High School (JHS) in the Afigya Kwabre South District of Ashanti hangs in the balance as they learn under dilapidated structures.

Some concerned parents and residents have expressed fear for the lives of learners and teachers as the structures show signs of caving in.

The school also lacks basic study resources, which is affecting teaching and learning. 

The Atimatim-Maase R/C Primary and Junior High School (JHS) has not seen any major rehabilitation since its establishment in 1950.

Broken windows hang by the thread. Squeaking doors, with loosened hinges and bolt locks, give intruders unfettered access to the classrooms. 

The old, weak and cracked blocks yearn for renovation. A close look at the window frames reveals rusted mini iron rods.

Parts of the aluminum roofing sheets are rusting away, while their remains hang loosely on the tiny erected concrete pillars. 

The plight of students at Atimatim Maase R/C Primary and JHS is worsened when it rains. 

Class sessions end abruptly whenever the clouds gather. 

Over 400 pupils forced to study in death-trap conditions in Atimatim-Maase

“Our roof is ripping off. And when it rains, it leaks into our classroom, so we have to end classes. 

“When it leaks, our books get wet and we are not able to submit assignments,” the pupils said. 

Aside from its dilapidated state the school, which serves over 400 pupils, lacks modern educational facilities and essential resources like desks and textbooks. 

Over 400 pupils forced to study in death-trap conditions in Atimatim-Maase

Sanitary conditions at the school are an eyesore. 

“Our toilet facility has been hijacked by residents, and as a result, they have closed the place, so we have to cross the road to our homes to ease ourselves,” a pupil said. 

Some residents shared their worries with Luv FM’s Clinton Yeboah. 

“Even criminals keep their stuff at the school. The school is too much exposed that, the kids go out on their own will. The building is old. And we are only waiting for the worst thing that can happen.

“We are about to enter the rainy season. This school has trained a lot of dignitaries and so it is time, we pay attention to it,” they said. 

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