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Peter Obi to hold a press conference soon


Only Igbos and Atiku are moody. And we don’t give a damm. You Igbos are free to return to your unknown gun men and Ipob and Simeon Ekpa. All we ask is that you keep it to the SE region. There is a new Sherrif in town. Once he announce is NSA, DSS, DMI, SSS, IG, DJ CUSTOMS, IMIGRATIONS, NSCDC, all the service chiefs OF ARMY NAVY AIRFORCE, etc. If fear no grip you, you Igbos are jokers. When the entire security apparatus is announced, you will know whether tinubu knows what he is doing or his hands is shaking. It is not Igbos that will teach us politics or teach us governance. Una eyes go soon clear. Una never see anything. Joe Igbokwe, I remain loyal ooo! No forget me o, in your kingdom.

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