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President Mahama Would Continue all Good Policies and Programmes of Previous Governments – Benjamin Quashie

The Chairman of the Council of Elders of the National Democratic Congress of South Africa and the Group Chairman of Allied Consortiums, Mr. Benjamin Kofi Quashie has revealed that, President Mahama’s decision to contest the 2024 elections has given them some respite.

According to him, the rank and file of the NDC are very much enthused and encouraged by the former President’s decision to lead the party in the 2024 elections. “He is the person who has decided to carry through all good programmes and policies of Nana Akufo-Addo’s government”, he said.

“I and many others in our party have always known President Mahama to be our presumptive leader. The official declaration yesterday was the icing on the cake which has energized the rank and file of the NDC party”, Mr. Quashie stated.

Speaking to Nana Otu Darko on “Dwabre Mu” on CTV, Friday, 3rd March, 2023, he expatiated that, taking into consideration the economic doldrums the country finds itself in, President Mahama who has demonstrated his nation-building skills is the only person to rescue our country.

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When he was asked why President Mahama did not give the opportunity to someone else to lead the party, Benjamin Quashie contended that, it is at this time that we need an experienced hand to steer the ship of state. “The country needs someone who has been tried and tested, someone we can trust to handle the affairs of Ghana at this crucial moment”, he noted

“He has come through the ranks–being a member of Parliament, Deputy Minister, Minister, a Vice President and President. He’s only coming back to finish what he started, simple. Some of his projects–the E-Blocks, Saglemi Housing Project and many others–are left uncompleted”, Mr. Benjamin Quashie explained.

Touching on the ex-gratia cancellation as put out by President Mahama, the Allied Consortiums chair, argued that Ghanaians need to be clapping for President Mahama, because he has promised to scrap it when he comes into power. This would save the country some funds for development.

Explaining further, the SA Council Chair added that, President Mahama would be able to scrap ex-gratia by amending the law or expunging same from our statutes. “I think we should be thankful for a man of vision; somebody who is coming to protect the public purse and not to be criticising him unnecessarily” he shared.

In conclusion, Mr. Benjamin Quashie averred that, President Mahama is a good leader who would carry through all good policies and programmes by the Nana Akufo-Addo government. “We would ensure that there is proper review of the Free Senior School Policy. It would never be cancelled and we would ensure value for money”, he ended.

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