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SA NDC Council Chair And Former Deputy Secretary for Germany Chapter Endorse Mahama 2024 Come back Bid

Mr. Benjamin Kofi Quashie, South African NDC Council of Elders Chairman and Dr. John-Baptist Naah, former Deputy Secretary of the NDC Germany Chapter have both thrown their weight behind Mahama’s bid to lead the NDC into the 2024 elections.

According to them, this is not being biased towards any other candidate who seeks to lead the National Democratic Congress but, former president Mahama had an enviable track record in his first term as president and need to complete the second.

Speaking to Nyansa TV, Thursday, 2nd March, 2023, the former Deputy Secretary for the NDC Chapter in Germany averred that, JDM has sufficiently demonstrated to have the development of infrastructure for Ghanaians at heart. This, in his view, was copiously exhibited in his first term as President with impressive infrastructural development, especially in the education, health and energy sectors of our economy.

“I, therefore, pledge my unflinching support for the second coming of JDM to accomplish his unfinished plans for Ghana”, Dr. Naah stated.

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The SA NDC Council Chair on the other hand, sharing his reasons for supporting President Mahama revealed, that “He has always been a true leader and a nation builder. His track record as a president compared to what we have today is a clear indication that, Ghana needs him to come and rescue us from our current economic quagmire. His infrastructural policies, his economic policies and above all his love to see a Ghana with opportunities is a mark we need now as a country”.

Addressing their supporters regarding their decision to support Mahama, Dr Naah reiterated the fact that “All ‘akatamansonians’ (both home and in the diaspora) who will be going to the polls to determine the NDC flagbearer should massively endorse former President John Dramani Mahama in the May presidential primaries to enable him to claim victory for the NDC come 2024 General Elections”, he campaigned for Mahama.

On the part of Mr. Benjamin Quashie, he encouraged party faithfuls to disregard personal interests and look at the bigger picture. “My call to all our party members and non members is that, we should look at the mess we are in as a country and instead of championing our parochial and partisan interests, we should look for a builder, a unifier and a man with the track record. This can only be President Mahama. He’s tried and tested. We must all vote for him”, he said.

In wishing President Mahama well as he has officially declared his intention to run for the 2024 elections, Dr. John-Baptist Naah pleaded with Ghanaians to give him a second chance. “Ghanaians, by your calm and accommodating persona, have always loved H.E. President Mahama”, he noted.

Both Mr. Benjamin Quashie and Dr. John-Baptist Naah added that, it is their wish that Ghanaians will give JDM another opportunity to complete his unfinished agenda for Ghana as President again. They prayed for JDM, also wishing him long life and amazingly great health now and in the coming years.

“We pray that Ghanaians grant him the needed electoral votes so he becomes our President again. In his second coming, we pray that he does better than before. He should leave us a legacy that will surpass that of President Kwame Nkrumah”, they both wished for President Mahama.

In conclusion, they urged all Ghanaians to remember the good works and efforts of JDM and massively vote for him in the 2024 general elections to rebuild and restore Ghana to its glorious former position as the proud Black Star among the League of Nations. They strongly believe JDM and the NDC will reset Ghana for accelerated and sustainable development for all Ghanaians.

“This election will be about the survival of Ghana. The economic mess we find ourselves in need a messiah. The same group that promised us men, have failed us. Let’s vote for change. Let’s vote for the visionary President John Dramani Mahama” the SA Council Chair ended.

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