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Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson need help – Emotional Intelligence Coach

Emotional intelligence coach James Kwesi Addison has criticized those who have criticized Ghanaian musician Sarkodie for his “harsh” response to Yvonne Nelson’s abortion allegation in her book, “I am Not Yvonne Nelson.”

The Addison International Founder asserts that “each of us responds differently to events that touch us. We cannot demand that everyone take this course. Reviews of books serve to analyze the topics included in the text. The issues covered in the book were to be examined by those writing reviews.

“They [Sarkodie and Yvonne] all need help and we must have in mind that, you can’t stop people from triggering a particular emotion in them. But what we do after the anger is very important.

“I shall thus tell my sister (Yvonne) that the world is unfair. On Nana Owoahene Acheampong’s Oman Mu Nsem show on Atinka TV, Mr. Addison said, “But if we recognize our mistakes and the instant we point the finger at others, it would leave us in a worse scenario and allow others to speak poorly of us.

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Sarkodie, a musician best known for his hit song “Try Me,” responded to the book’s accusation about abortion by releasing the song.

Yvonne Nelson said that she had an affair with the rapper in 2010 that led to pregnancy in her recently released book, “I am not Yvonne Nelson.”

She explains why she decided to have the pregnancy terminated in Chapter 8 of the book because the rapper refused to take responsibility.

Sarkodie did not take kindly to the claim, so he published a new song named “Try Me” to explain his position. In the song, he claimed that he never pushed the actress to get an abortion.

He claims that despite his advice to do so, she decided to have an abortion because of her schooling at the time.

Don’t give the impression that I was pressuring you to get an abortion, Sarkodie sang in the song.

On Twitter once more, Yvonne responded to Sarkodie’s accusations.

According to James Addison, the EQ Coach, if this back-and-forth is not managed correctly, it will worsen the future for the two parties.

In order to stop further remarks that could get the two superstars into problems, he thus pleaded with their families to step in, saying that “if you look at how Sarkodie came in with the response, people with influence like his family, the media must step in.”

“The media should not just focus on presenting what they are saying, but also try to solve the problem. Carelessness won’t make it end today.

“There is a proper method to let your irritation and rage out. the ideal moment and the ideal party. We have omitted some details to criticize our friends, but a careful examination reveals that anyone facing such intense emotional difficulties requires a high level of intelligence to get through them. Therefore, let’s not let them rot,” he said.

Source: Mynewsghana.com

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