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Scientist provides a guide on how to prevent being struck by lightning

Dr. Joseph Amoako of the School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences at the University of Ghana has explained that thunder striking someone is a natural phenomenon.

Last week, there was news that a young man had been struck by thunder.

His body was left untouched until his family consulted the gods of Nogokpo before he was picked up and buried.


Before his body was buried there were a number of rituals that had to take place before the family could pick him up.

But speaking in an interview with the state Broadcaster, Dr. Joseph Amoako indicated that in science it is a natural phenomenon and across the world, there are over 40,000 thunderstorms daily and over 40 million thunderstorms annually worldwide.

He said it’s a normal phenomenon for lightning and thunder to be experienced during storms adding that lightning is an electrical phenomenon which occurs naturally because nature has its own electrical and magnetic components.

“The storm produces electrical charges, when the atmosphere heats up, it leads to the louder thunder and lightning. Lightning can strike a person as far as 32 kilometres, it needs a conductor of heat in order to shock you in order to kill you”.

To him, it is advisable to stay indoors when there are storms because lightning targets good conductors of electricity like water to strike.

“Metal umbrellas should be avoided or used properly, and it is advisable to lie flat on the floor when one is under a tree and rain storm hits, also he warned against being in swimming pools during rainstorms.”




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