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Seek redress from court if you disagree with GLC’s regulation – Supreme Court judge nominee to Law School applicants

President Akufo-Addo’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Justice Samuel Kwame Adibu Asiedu has advised candidates who have a challenge with the General Legal Council’s (GLC) regulation on admissions to go to court.

The GLC is requiring students to sign an undertaking not to challenge its requirements for admission. The GLC asked prospective students not to request remarking and review of marks after the entrance examination.

“The General Legal Council (GLC) has over the years established credible, rigorous and well-benchmarked systems and procedures for assessing answer booklets and re-checking of same for all candidates before examination results are released.

“Thus, the decision of the General Legal Council in respect of the published results of the Entrance Examination shall be final. No request for re-marking of scripts, re-tallying of scores or review or marks shall be accepted. Candidates cannot also request to see their marked answer scripts or the marking schemes used for marking the questions.

“In view of the above. I undertake to accept without question, the decision of the General Legal Council in respect of the published results of the Entrance Examination as final,” a copy of the agreement read.

Some critics have described the GLC’s action as unconstitutional.

Taking his turn before Parliament’s Appointment Committee on Wednesday, Justice Asiedu said “As for the measures which have been introduced by the General Legal Council in respect of whether a student has a right to ask for remarking or what have you, that does not stop any student in my view, from going to court to seek redress.”

Responding to the issues about admission of law students, he implored that the infrastructural challenges of the Law school must be addressed to improve the situation.

“Last year, because the House decided that certain students must be accommodated, the Law school went and rented an accommodation at Legon and they were paying about six thousand Ghana cedis a day…so back to what I was saying that we need to take a critical look as a nation at the infrastructure which is available to the Law School and once we have addressed that problem, I believe we will be making a headway,” he told the Committee.

Justice Samuel Kwame Adibu Asiedu is being vetted with three other Judges for appointment as Supreme Court Judges.


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