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“Should we only speak against injustice because the victims are famous?” Georgina Onuoha responds to her colleague Chioma Chukwuka (videos)


Georgina Onuoha has responded to her colleague and former friend Chioma Chukwuka. 

Recall that on Saturday,  Feb. 25, after Chioma Chukwuka released a video to call attention to the thug attack she suffered in her polling unit, Georgina reacted with a message to Chioma. 

Georgina reminded Chioma that during the 2019 election, she used her page to call out election violence but Chioma sent her a message to call her out for causing tension by posting about the violence when other places had peaceful election. 

She added that Chioma is now speaking against election violence because she suffered it directly. 

Chioma responded by telling her followers how she slid into Georgina’s DM in 2019 to tell her that 2 posts about the violence is OK and she doesn’t need to post too much about it without balancing it by posting that some places had peaceful elections. 

Chioma pointed out that her own polling unit was peaceful in 2019 which is why she gave Georgina the advice. 

Chioma also told Georgina that she is a brand and should think about her brand while posting. 

She said Georgina took offense and responded in a way she didn’t expect and that ended their friendship. 

Chioma then shared screenshots of her chat with Georgina in 2019. 

Chioma also pointed out that Georgina was her friend during their humble beginnings and used to visit her at home. She said Georgina was like her younger sister and when Georgina was getting married, she planned her wedding to replicate Chioma’s own. 

Chioma then called Georgina “the enemy within” and threatened to sue her. 

Reacting, Georgina asked Chioma if injustice should be called out only when it affects famous people. 

Georgina then slammed Chioma for claiming she replicated her wedding and for only pointing out what she did for her. 

Georgina told Chioma that “75 percent of your friendship was based on what you could get from me and my husband”.  


” You know you married a dead beat that could not feed you or fend for you… I fed you and your dead beat husband.” she added

Georgina also addressed Chioma’s reference to her age by telling her that they are only 6 months apart in age. 

See Georgina’s response to Chioma below.



Watch Georgina speak in the videos below.








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