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Support me to Deliver Than Criticise: Cape Coast Belongs to All of Us – Dr. Minta Nyarku

Dr. Kwamena Minta Nyarku, the Member of Parliament for Cape Coast North has berated his critics to calm down since he has done a year and nine months out of a four year mandate.

According to him, he was voted to serve the people of Cape Coast North Constituency for four years. “I’m barely 21 months old in office and very premature for my opponents to be criticising me for non performance. I duly accounted to my constituency last year and the good people of Cape Coast have thus far appreciated my contribution”.

“If you want to criticise, wait and do so at the end of four years to ascertain whether all the promises I made have been delivered or not. As your Member of Parliament, I think people should rather support me to do more to help the good people of Cape Coast North Constituency than to be criticising me on requests I have duly supported”.

Ragga as he is affectionately known, made these commentaries on GBC Radio Central Special Holiday Show hosted by our Guest Host Mr. Jonathan Asante Otchere, Senior Lecturer, University of Cape Coast today, Wednesday 21st September, 2022.

Reacting to allegations of he over promising his constituents, Ragga shared that, he promised to ensure his constituents get an astro turf and a company or two.

According to him, plans are still underway to get those projects started. “I promised either a factory or 2 and an astro turf. All these are within the four year mandate. Let us all wait with bated breath and assess me at the end of my four years”.

Further he said, everything he has said or done are all hinged on his three pillars of empowerment, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development. “Everything I’ve done within these one year and nine months are within these 3 pillars. I refuse to allow anyone to set any agenda for me. Pettiness and partisan politics do not move me in any way. I will continue to work towards addressing the needs of my constituents and not the wishes of some people.”

When asked to share his views about the government, he averred that answering such questions become difficult for him. “I don’t know whether to approach the question from the academic or politician angle. But, the NPP campaigned on the back of non performance on the part of erstwhile Mahama administration”.

“The question I asked is: what was the inflation then and now; what was the exchange rate then and now; what was our debt to GDP ratio then and now. What was the unemployment rate then and now; what was the prices of fuel then and now; what was the level of infrastructure development then and now; If all these indicators are better then we can say the government has performed well but, if all these indicators aren’t good then Ghanaians are the better judges”.

Dr. Kwamena Minta Nyarku, who also touched on the Sinohydro Road Projects bemoaned the state of the project in his constituency. “Per the documents and referring to the NPP communicators across the constituency, it was supposed to be a first class road. Looking at the roads constructed at Kwaprow, Akɔtɔkyir, Duakor, Ayifua, Bessakrom, Ammisano, Dankwakrom communities etc, can we say these are first class road?” He quizzed.

The Member of Parliament expressed his displeasure at the NPP communicators who normally defend the Sinohydro project. In his view, “The people of Cape Coast deserve better as the people of Kyebi have been given a first class road so we must also get. He furthered that the roads constructed at Cape Coast South and some parts of Cape Coast North by the then NDC government, are all first class roads, compared to what the Sino Hydro project has constructed.”

“If you’re NPP or NDC and your party is in government and they do something wrong, say it. We cannot be defending what doesn’t benefit us as Cape Coasters. We too deserve better”, he affirmed.

He ended the conversation by thanking all the inhabitants of Cape Coast and assured them that, he is their MP and would continue to do his best for them. “I ask for God’s blessings for all those in both Cape Coast North and South and thank GBC Radio Central for the opportunity”.

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