The reasons I quit attending church for nearly 30 years – GRIDCo Board Chairman

Ambassador Kabral Blay-Amihere, the board chairman of Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCo), has described his conversion to Christianity.

Blay-Amihere, a former president of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), stated during an interview with Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, the founder and head of Perez Chapel International, on the TWAC program that he had stopped attending church for about 30 years before coming across Agyinasare’s church.

The seasoned journalist claimed that the major reason he quit attending church was because he was disqualified from running in a student election at the secondary school he attended, St Augustine’s College, since he was not a Catholic.

I attended an interview to be chosen as a school prefect, and surprise, by some mishap, I accidentally wrote on my Form 5 that I was a non-denominational Christian. So I was told that it was impossible to be perfect in a Catholic school.

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“As a result, I was eliminated. As a result, St. Augustine’s was in disarray for three days since the students insisted there would be no elections. However, after talking to my supporters, the polls were held, he explained.

He said that the administrators of the school had tried to make him feel better by offering him a job at the house he was living in, but he had turned them down.

“I was invited to become the house prefect of St Stephens House at (St Augustine’s College), where I was living, and I replied out of principle, once you accepted I wasn’t a Catholic and you appoint me a prefect, you are creating an interest conflict for me.

I stopped going to church for over 30 years after that, he recounted, “because once you agree I’m not a Catholic, I won’t be required to make sure the students go to church.” Then, he said, “I discovered World Miracle, as it was called Perez.”

He claimed that during his 30 years away from the church, he had doubts and finally visited Agyinasare’s church after hearing that the pastor worked miracles so he could witness them firsthand.

In Perez Chapel, he said, he noticed indications that he was in the proper place, and ever since, he has developed his Christian faith there.


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