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This is madness! Who should give birth for you to adopt – Muntaka tells gays

Muntaka Mubarak, a member of parliament from Asawase, has called homosexuality crazy.

When homosexuals want to adopt other people’s children as their own, he claims it even gets irksome.

The worst thing is when you see two lesbians or homosexuals attempting to adopt a child. Who should give birth so that you can come and adopt them? Take a look at this chaos.

During the Wednesday, July 5 parliamentary discussion of the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, also known as the anti-gay bill, he asked, “If having children is good, why are you into that nasty act?”

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In contrast, the first deputy speaker, Joseph Osei Owusu (Joewise), stated that Ghanaians should not accept that other nations’ cultures are superior to their own.

He said Ghana cannot only agree to replicate what other nations are doing without question.

According to the Bekwai politician, “We should never accept that other cultures are superior to ours such that they must insist and demand that we copy the things they do even if it is inconsistent with the way we live our lives and how we want our country to be run.”

Dan Botwe, a representative for Okere, stated that in addition to enacting the legislation, there will need to be measures taken to combat the spread of homosexuality.

During the legislative discussion, he stated, “Let us practice internal vigilance in addition to enacting the measure.

Mr. Dan Botwe went on to say that there may come a time when young people may shop for products that have homosexual symbols painted on them. To that aim, he stated that aside from the bill’s approval, vigilance is needed on the part of all parties involved to stop the spread of homosexuality.

In his additional remarks, he called homosexuality “total madness” and “a satanic force.” He emphasized, “Let us not underestimate this satanic force.”

The analysis emphasized the issues brought up by both the bill’s supporters and detractors.

According to the report, the bill’s opponents claim that “LGBTQ+ activities form part of what the Constitution contemplates under Article 33 (5) about recognition of ceriatric rights and freedoms that are considered to be inherent in a democracy and which is intended to secure the rights, freedoms, and dignity of the people.

As a result, it will be discriminatory and a violation of Articles 17(1 and 2) of the Constitution to try to treat different people differently based on their gender or sexual orientation.


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