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To Vote NPP In 2024, You Must First Hate Yourself – NDC’s Emmanuel Drah Charges constituents

The parliamentary candidate aspirant of the opposition National Democratic Congress, Mr. Emmanuel Drah, yesterday honored an invitation by the chief Nana Osaberima Asare Oduro and the people of Adeiso to grace a Durbar organized to mark the celebration of their Ohum Festival.
While noting that the event is symbolic, the NDC Parliamentary candidate highlighted that Ohum’s cultural history is exceptional, historic, and respectable.
Speaking at the event, Hon. Emmanuel Drah urged the residents to continue to rally their unwavering support behind his party, his candidacy, and the presidential candidate of the opposition National Democratic Congress.
He also stated that culture and tradition would play an important role in his efforts to unite the upper West Akim Constituency if given the nod to represent them in Parliament come 2025.
The outspoken Emmanuel Drah stated that with the reception of the people of Adeiso, he had confidence that the people would join other communities in the constituency to deliver 95 percent of the votes to the NDC in the 2024 polls.
Speaking at the event, he appealed to the people to vote out the ruling New Patriotic Party for inflicting pain and suffering on the masses.
Speaking to the media, Mr. Emmanuel Drah preached about the good things the government of John Dramani Mahama and the NDC would bring to the people of upper West Akim Constituency and Ghanaians.
“If dignity was of any concern to the ruling NPP or if it had any sense of character or shame whatsoever, it would have called or written to the electoral commission to turn political attention toward 2024 and requested to be taken out of participation.”
“Because it makes no sense for the NPP to consider itself worthy of leadership after taking the good people of our country through this unbelievable and unbearable hardship.”
You must first hate yourself if you have a dream of voting for NPP come 2024, he stated.
Mr. Drah although was in Adeiso Presby senior high school last two weeks to donate cash and minerals to support their SRC celebration, his financial contributions to the commemoration of the Ohum Festival were commended by the residents.
The annual event brings sons and daughters together under one roof to pray for peace and progress in Adeiso and its environs.

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