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VIDEO: How the corpse of a retired Educationist was ‘auctioned’ at Busunu

A retired Educationist and former headmaster for the Bole Senior High School(SHS) in the Savannah Region Mr K.K Ntobah was at the weekend laid to rest at his hometown at Busunu in the West Gonja District.

The requiem service however was characterized by drama in the usual Gonja-Kasena and other playmates games.

Kasenas, Builsas, Bimobas, Chekosis, Banda, Sissalas and some Bissas who were among mourners and playmates to Gonjas immediately after the official programme when the coffin was to be lifted for interment, arrested the body in the coffin and tied it with ropes and demanded a ransom before it could be released.


Gonjas including the former Member of Parliament (MP) for Damongo Mutawakilu Adam tried pleading for the corpse to be released but adamant Kasenas will not budge.

Finally, the corpse in the coffin was auctioned to the Gonjas to enable them to bury their relation with a promise by some of them to retaliate at an appropriate date.

Savannah Regional Secretary of the National Democratic Congress(NDC), Salisu Be-Awuribe who promised to pay back at an appropriate date wrote “ notice is hereby served that we shall retaliate big time. The video below is what these “troublesome” Kasenas, Builsas, Bimobas, Chekosis, Banda, Sissalas and some Sissa people jointly and severally did to us, the Gonjas, at the final funeral ceremony of Mr KK Ntobah, a Gonjaman from Busunu, two days ago. They arrested the body in the coffin and tied it with ropes. We just have to plead and also paid one billion cedis with animals and some drinks before we had our body buried”


It is common knowledge in Ghana that the Gonjas, Kasenas and other tribes have an admirably cordial relationship. They can joke and tease each other in the public without either taking undue offence as they have a mutual understanding

The origin of the Gonja –Kasena relationship is as yet undetermined. Little is known as to its origin. People accept joking as a common practice between the two tribes, their general concern is to enjoy the jokes and live in harmony. However, fascinating stories and legends are told in connection with its origin. Many ethnic groups or sub-groups in northern Ghana have legendary history telling how their ancestors came from Gonjas or Kasena lands, but it is not clear whether these narratives reflect the migration of whole peoples or the arrival of chiefly families to rule over previously chiefless people.




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