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VIDEO: Taxi driver ‘loses his manhood’ after sleeping with a strange woman she met

A taxi driver ‘loses his manhood’ after sleeping with strange woman she met.

During an interview on SOMPA FM, a cab driver revealed an intriguing yet terrifying life event.
According to the taxi driver, she picked up a lady on his way home from work and convinced her to spend the night at his house.

After a night of intercourse, he awoke the next day to obtain food for the mysterious lady to eat, but returned to find an empty chamber.

Kumasi Taxi driver 'loses manhood' after sleeping with a random lady she met (Video)

Meanwhile, he had locked his room before leaving, so he was surprised to find it vacant.

He questioned his co-tenant if he had seen the lady around, and to his astonishment, he too stated that he had not seen the lady.

Despite visits to doctors, herbalists, and other juju men, his manhood has never been erected after that happened.

To learn more, watch the video below…

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