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Slay Queen Dies After “Sakawa” Lover Allegedly Used Her Private Part For Rituals (WATCH VIDEO)

As sad as it sounds, this is also a great lesson to be learned by ladies who have cushioned their minds to date only well to do Youngmen without making inquiries into the source of their wealth.

The 18-year-old has joined her ancestors after she was allegedly used as a sacrifice by her scammer boyfriend.

Commentary surrounding the demise of this young slay queen alleges that worms took over her vagina as their breeding place till she died.

A disturbing-sorrowful video that has popped online with regards to her last minutes as a living being has left social media users teary.

She could be heard wailing in pain with a piercing cry, followed by a series of words which are difficult to hear.

Angela who was propelled by friends to dating only rich guys is reported to have been suffering from an incurable-spiritual disease since early January.

This information was passed on by one of her friends who dropped the cause of her death on the internet through a WhatsApp voice note.

A word to the wise is enough! Stay safe!!

Kindly watch the video below to know more…






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  1. Please Angela isn’t a slay queen .You guys should stop this.She was a believer n had faith in God.She was a good sister .. I don’t know where u got this information. I beg you and pleading with u please delete this post on behalf of the family please ..

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