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‘We need help’ – Residents Of Keta And Agavedzi Displaced By Tidal Waves

Some residents of Keta and Agavedzi in the Volta region have been displaced by tidal waves yet again.

The latest incident on Sunday, April 3, has left many homeless.

Some moved to higher grounds to seek shelter, while others had no choice but to sleep on mattresses along major roads.


At Keta, the famous Emancipation Beach Resort has been badly affected by the high waves, destroying many properties owned by the facility owner.

Residents who spoke to JoyNews lamented the continuous ravaging impact of the sea, adding that the recent waves may cut off streets and make it difficult for people to use the roads.

“We need help. The main street leading into the township has also been submerged, and the school under the waters and means of livelihood are being destroyed.

“We are constantly living in fear due to the continuous ravaging of the sea, and it appears to us that if nothing is done soon and urgently, the whole area will be cut off. Therefore we are appealing to the government to look for funding and start a sea defence wall, which seems to be the only solution to our problem,” a resident lamented.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Ketu South, Maxwell Lugudor, says the government is committed to making sure their problems are resolved immediately.

He added that he has secured funding to build infrastructures for victims who lost their houses due to the incident.

“I was in the community just yesterday with the engineers to commence work on the land-only to hear this afternoon of another devastation by the sea,” Mr Lugudor recounted.

Parts of the Greater Accra Region, specifically the Ada, were also hit by the waves.

At least 3,000 people in Keta municipality have been rendered homeless after tidal waves swept through their homes in November 2021.

Communities such as Abutiakope, Kedzikope and Keta Central were primarily affected as affected homeless residents are left with nothing to salvage.

Affected residents, mainly children and women, had their residential abodes destroyed by the tidal waves.








Source: myjoyonline

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