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Withdraw services for Banks not using fortified bullion vans – Security expert to Police

The government has come under harsh criticism from Emmanuel Kotin, the executive director of the African Centre for Security and Counter Terrorism, for failing to prioritize the security of lives by purchasing the essential bullion trucks for banking institutions.

This critique follows a terrible occurrence where an armed robbery at the Ablekuma Fan Milk Star gasoline fuel station resulted in the death of a police officer.

The absence of authorized bullion vehicles in the banking industry may have contributed to the vulnerability that resulted in the officer’s tragic death, according to the African Centre for Security and Counter Terrorism.

Mr. Kotin highlighted his alarm about this security hole in an interview with Citi News and encouraged the Ghana Police Service to act right now.

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Kotin stressed how crucial it is to make banking institutions responsible for the mode of transportation they choose when it comes to the flow of cash.

He emphasized the need to put the safety and wellbeing of law enforcement officers participating in these operations as a top priority and urged the Ghana Police Service to take this into consideration while providing their services to banks that continue to use illegal bullion vehicles.

“I don’t believe anyone in their right mind would consider attacking them, so I’m urging police officers to stop sitting in such bullion trucks. I am aware that the owners of these bullion vehicles are able to circumvent the law and the Bank of Ghana thanks to their political connections and self-interest.

How long will we continue to circumvent our own good rules and regulations by using political connections? What kind of society are we producing? It’s about time we act morally,” he said.


Source: Mynewsghana.com

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