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Youth Being Disinterested in Our Country’s Politics isn’t a Good Omen for Our Future – Ing. Kwabena Agyepong

Ing. Kwabena Agyei Agyepong, former Press Secretary to President John Agyekum and New Patriotic Party (NPP) flag-bearer hopeful has stated that, the rate of attrition on the part of the youth to actively engage in the politics of Ghana is worrying omen for our country’s future.

He describes the situation as dire and something ought to done by the political leaders of our country to encourage the youth not to be disinterested but, rather to be actively engage in our politics.

“Can you imagine some of the youth I engaged with don’t even know I was a former Press Secretary. That is bad and worrying because the youth aren’t aware of Ghana’s contemporary political history”, he revealed.

The NPP presidential candidate hopeful contended that, it is based on these revelations that he is bringing on board something new to the political table. “I’m bring a New Vision, New Dimension and New Direction to change our politics”, Ing Agyepong stated.

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He adds if this new vision of his can be actualised that should be hinged on 3’s’. Thus, Service, Sacrifice and Selflessness. The political leadership must exhibit these 3’s’ and that would encourage more youth to be interested in the politics of nation building.

However, he underscored the fact that, the current situation where politics is seen as a tool to amass wealth would not augur well for the forward march of our dear motherland.

“Most of the you are disillusioned about political leadership and some even feel military takeover would best serve us. We must let the youth appreciate, understand and jealously guard our democracy going forward. Ghana is a beautiful country’, MR. Agyepong said.

Referencing the current population and housing census, according to Mr. Agyepong, the under 45 years old are the majority of our population and such ones must assiduously be engaged in politics of Ghana.

The former NPP General Secretary was speaking to Agya Kwabena on UTV’s ‘Npu Ne Npu’ show, Friday, 24th February, 2023.

In conclusion, Ing. Kwabena Agyei Agyepong revealed that with service, sacrifice and selflessness being led by the political elite, this country is a blessed nation and we can easily turn things around for the benefit of the general good of our people.

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