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Yvonne Nelson admired Jackie Appiah and desired to be treated similarly as her – Ola Michael Highlights Yvonne’s Arrogance

This entire week, the hot subject has been Yvonne Nelson’s book, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,” a biography of the actress’ life.

The book has pierced the hearts of those who have been humiliated and exposed for being wicked, despite the author receiving accolades for her audacity and her tenacity in attaining her goals.

Ola Michael, who disapproves of the way Yvonne used her testimony to defame Sarkodie and others, revealed Yvonne Nelson’s conceit and jealousy of Jackie Appiah, a fellow actress, in an interview.

He claims that Yvonne Nelson has not been completely truthful with Ghanaians. He said that Jackie Appiah and Yvonne Nelson’s argument is the result of the former being jealous of the latter.

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Ola continued by explaining the full circumstances surrounding Yvonne Nelson’s one-year acting suspension and her altercation with Jackie.

Ola continued by mentioning that Jackie Appiah had spoken to him about the potential inconvenience it would cause while they were filming Abdul Salaam’s movie but he still decided to work with her despite the fact that she was a judge on the Miss Malika program at the time.

Yvonne Nelson was on location twice, but Jackie was unable to go since she had to appear on the Miss Malika program.

When Jackie failed to appear for the second time after Yvonne had gone, she became irate, insulted the producer Abdul Salaam, and left the venue.

In her book, Yvonne Nelson revealed that she had told them she was writing an exam and didn’t want to waste their time, so she had to go. She was consequently barred for a year.

However, Ola Michael mentioned in the interview that Jackie Appiah’s treatment was something Yvonne didn’t agree with.

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