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Yvonne Nelson had more reasons to abort the child than Sarkodie – Kelvyn Boy

Kelvyn Boy, who is most known for penning the popular song “Down Flat,” has stated that given what happened between Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson, he thinks the actress had more justification for terminating the pregnancy than Sarkodie.

According to him, the actress’ explanation exceeds the singer’s when comparing the reasons given by Yvonne Nelson for why she was unable to have a kid and Sarkodie’s explanation that he was living with the mother at the time.

He stated: “She had more reasons to get rid of the baby than Sarkodie because she had more reasons which are more important,” during his appearance on United Showbiz with MzGee. She can give birth and deliver the infant to his mother because he simply lived with his mother.

Kelvyn Boy added that if Yvonne Nelson had made up her mind to give birth, Sarkodie might have left the child to his mother to be cared for. He also said that sometimes it all depends on the thinking of the woman.

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Citing himself as an example, he claimed that although the woman wanted to have the children even though he wasn’t ready to father them, he was forced to respect her choice.

“The woman will absolutely keep the pregnancy if it is her wish to give birth and she wants to do it. I’ve had three children, some of whom I wasn’t ready to father at certain points in time, but we just accept it when it occurs that way. Because of this, I argued that her list of justifications sounded more serious than Sarkodie’s claim that he lived with his mother and hadn’t yet achieved success in the music industry.

What Yvonne Nelson expressed in regards to her 2010 miscarriage.

According to Yvonne Nelson’s autobiography, Sarkodie wasn’t prepared to have a child at the time, and their relationship wasn’t serious.

“Sarkodie was a young musician with the potential to rise to prominence both in Ghana and internationally. But at the moment, the future seemed hazy, and it seemed impossible to foretell how he would find his way through the labyrinth of life. Failure was not assured. He was still living with his mother and wasn’t prepared to take on additional responsibilities while still being supported by her.

“When he refused to let me keep the pregnancy, the first thing that struck me was my own life. Without a father in my life, I had grown up. I had been told numerous times how I had been born accidentally.

Source: Mynewsghana.com

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